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Rocky Mountain Essential Oils

Rocky Mountain Essential Oils is an Internet-based company that offers therapeutic-grade essential oils, aromatherapy and cleaning supplies, and supplements.

Located in Springville, Utah, the company is fast-growing and prides itself on accepting only oils that adhere to strict-quality control standards. These oils are purchased from around the world, and all Rocky Mountain Oils are 100‰ pure and organic. They tell you the source location of the oil and its uses on the website, so that you know more about the oil you are buying.

Rocky Mountain Oils in not a Multi-level Marketing group. They have no down lines to pay. Therefore, they are able to sell the same quality oils for lower prices. In these troubled economic times, that can be a real boon to the consumer.

palmarosa essential oil

RMEO Palmarosa

Rocky Mountain Oils compare favorably to Young Living Essential Oils. The single oils are therapeutic grade quality at better prices. They also have a number of hard-to-find oils that Young Living does not carry. Most come in both 5 and 15 ml sizes,

The blends have slightly different recipes than YL, but testimonials give high praise to the effectiveness of the blends and report similar results. For more information, please visit this link to see how Rocky Mountain Essential Oils compare to YL.

You can order directly from the Rocky Mountain Oils site just by setting up your secure account. When you do, please mention Tapestry Life Resources.

The folks at Rocky Mountain Oils will help you determine the best oils for your needs if you contact them. They also offer numerous informative articles about essential oils and their benefits as well as recipes for making your own blends.

Hard-to-Find & Unique Oils Offered by Rocky Mountain Oils

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If you prefer Tapestry Life Resources to order Rocky Mountain Oils for you, please call us at 828-315-9900. We will be happy to place the order for you and let you pick it up at our offices. Shipping and handling costs may apply.

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