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Resources for the Body, Heart, and Mind

Living your best life means nurturing your three intelligence centers.

Tapestry Life Resources offers clients ways to grow and develop all three centers— body, heart and mind— and to become a more grounded, centered, and present human being.

On the "About" page, you'll learn a little about the mission and philosophy of Tapestry Life Resources and about Suzanne Eller and her qualifications.

chakrasIn addition to the services offered specifically under the links for the different centers, we offer products to enhance body, heart, and mind. You can buy them directly from us, or you can buy from the distributor from the link on each page. For Ancient Wisdom Essential Oils we actually make more money if you buy from the company using the link to our storefront, and it doesn't cost you any more. These are high quality oils that are food grade. They are a multi-level marketing company, and they may ask you to sigh up as a distributor; however, you can just order as a customer if you prefer.

Rocky Mountain Essential Oils is an Internet-based company located in Springville, Utah. They have some amazing blends, and besides having all the standard oils you need for your natural emergency kit, they are adding new oils all the time, including many that are hard to find. All Rocky Mountain Oils are 100‰ pure and organic. They tell you the source location of the oil and its uses on the website. While we do not carry an inventory of RMEO, we are happy to order them for you, or you can order directly from them as a retail customer. They ship promptly, and you do not need to sign up for automatic shipments.

We can also order any product in the Aura Cacia line for you. We sometimes carry some of the Aura Cacia Essential Oils, but we prefer to order them so they are fresh. We are always happy to special order any oil that you need. They generally arrive from Aura Cacia in a few days.

 We've just started offering online massage and bodywork gift certificates to our clients. This is a wonderful service for those who have a person in their lives who loves massage and for those who may have forgotten an important event. The transaction is safe and secure and is provided through SpaBoom. Your credit card numbers are encrypted and totally secure. If you prefer to purchase a gift certificate in person, just give us a call and we will be happy to accommodate you. Gift certificates for new clients are generally $10 off our regular price.

The Links page, we have other vendors that we especially like. Their products are often available at the office, or we are able to get them for you quickly. Additionally, the Recommended Reading page has suggestions for finding more in-depth information on most of the topics on this website. Our newsletter, Warp and Weft, also makes suggestions. You can subscribe to Warp and Weft by clicking here.

If we can be of personal assistance to you in your efforts to find balance in your life, please contact us directly.

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General Resources

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The Three Intelligence Centers

Human beings have three intelligences located in three energetic centers of the body. It is through the centers — body, heart, and mind — that we gather and impart information, and each person typically favors one center over the others.

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Each of the centers is necessary for our survival. Each has a specific function but is also dependent on the others.

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Being a balanced, whole person means that we must not overuse or underuse any of the centers. The integration and balancing of our centers leads us to be more fully present in our environment, more compassionate, and more mindful

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