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ProMedX Health Products

glass of red liquidProMedX Health Products, a subsidiary of Natural Health Labs, was created to share the gift of health with all those who need it. ProMedX Health manufactures a superior line of supplements, and their attention to the manufacturing process insures the quality of their products. Natural Health Labs has a long history of producing physician grade supplements as private labels for medical professionals.

The company's president, Michael Grant, understands the mission of ProMedX Health as never putting marketing before medicine. The company offers the value of manufacturer direct pricing to ProMedX representatives.

Furthermore, a recent revamping of the company structure allows ordinary consumers to purchase products at wholesale prices with a referral from a representative and to forego becoming a distributor themselves. This is an incredible opportunity to buy top-quality products at reasonable prices directly from the manufacturer.

Suzanne Eller is happy to refer any consumer who wants to take advantage of the wholesale prices for these wonderful supplements. Simply go to the ProMedX Health site, open an account, and when asked for a sponsor, enter Suzanne's email address: suzanne@tapestryliferesources.com. This will put you into the system as a referred (and preferred) customer. It's that easy!

Why ProMedX?

Michael Grant is concerned with making a difference in people's health. He asks, "How do I know if my supplement(s) are effective?" The answer is that your body will tell you! You should expect to see and feel a measurable difference on your road to wellness.

Michael GrantSuzanne says, "I met Michael Grant in Greensboro where he was speaking and doing Live Blood Cell analysis. What blew me away were the stories of the people who spoke about how Michael had helped them. One young woman spoke of her battle with Crohn's Disease. She was so sick that the doctors felt the only alternative was to put her on drugs whose side effects could result in lymphoma. They told her this was an acceptable risk, considering the severity of her illness. she contacted Michael and asked the doctors to give her six weeks on the supplements. After six weeks, she no longer needs the toxic allopathic drug. Her doctor is so amazed and intrigued that he is investigating her supplement regimen for others with Crohn's.

"I also met Ray Greene, who lost 50 pounds in two months on the weight loss protocol, "said Suzanne. "His story is on the ProMedX website, so I wont' tell it here. However, I will say that those are not altered photographs. Ray, himself, told his story, and the results he got from the homeopathic hCG diet plan are amazing. He is a real person like you and me, and he discovered the ProMedX plan works!"

Natural Health Labs makes and sells a variety natural nutritional supplements, vitamins and weight loss dietary supplements. The site itself has these, and if you have questions, you can call the company and they will answer them for you.

The two premier products in the line are VitaXan and SangoMin.

vitaxanVitaXan contains forty essential ingredients harvested from regions all over the world. It comes in a fruity-tasting, individually-packaged drink mix and in capsules. VitaXan is a vitamin super-food supplement with powerful antioxidants, including the three powerful SuperFruits Acai, Mangosteen and Goji. VitaXan is formulated to maximize bioavailability and is synergistically balanced to chelate properly so that it enters the body effectively rather than being eliminated. Its ingredients act as antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, energizers and detoxifiers, and they support digestion and weight-loss with a powerful combination of amino acids, B vitamins, enzymes and probiotics. Most often, users notice the difference in the way they feel in just a couple of days.

VitaXan now comes in a capsule form for those on the go. Like the drink mix, VitaXan Capsules contain 40 essential ingredients harvested from the most remote regions of the world. The capsules are also formulated to maximize bioavailability and are synergistically balanced to chelate properly in the body.

sangominSangoMin contains the purest Sango Coral, harvested off the pristine shores of Okinawa. Research shows that the water surrounding Okinawa contains a balanced blend of over seventy ionic trace minerals in almost the exact proportions needed by the human body. (You've probably heard about how the Okinawans live a very long time— some as long as 120 years.) This coral calcium is far superior to the calcium carbonate most often produced as a supplement in the US. The biggest benefits to SangoMin Coral Calcium are improved hydration, increased alkaline pH and antioxidant potential, and a perfect balance of organic ionic trace minerals. It is highly absorbable and is essentially tasteless when mixed with water. Improved pH offers many health benefits. If your body's pH is not balanced, you cannot effectively assimilate vitamins, minerals and food nutrients, and you can experience illness and weight gain.

Indeed, an overly acidic pH is chronic today because of the prevalence of soft drinks, processed foods, stress and pollution. This contributes to tissue damage, aging and the growth of disease organisms. The body wants to be balanced (homeostasis). Becoming more alkaline helps the body achieve greater homeostasis and to heal itself.

Other products include the Phaze Skin Care line and a whole line of support supplements, many of which are excellent for those on weight loss programs or have anti-aging benefits.

Suzanne's Personal Story

"I was introduced to SangoMin at a Theta Healing workshop. The thing that impressed my first was that when I put it into water, I couldn't takes the minerals in it. I already knew and understood that making my body more alkaline could help me create an internal environment that was more resistant to disease and allows more normal body function, which for me meant losing weight and taking are of my cardiovascular system. I also liked that it supplied my daily calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin D without making me take a half dozen "horse pills" a day.

"After I bought the first box of SangoMin, I started getting emails from the workshop leader. He had gone on a weight loss program using SangoMin, VitaXan, Mangosteen Rx, and the Homeopathic hCG. In a few weeks, he had lost nearly 30 lbs. (You can read his story on his blog by clicking here.) I also learned that the mangosteen is great for arthritis, depression, and periodontal disease and much more. Having clients that suffered from these, I thought decided to order some for them.

"I signed up with the company, put in my first order, and have been using the products ever since. They are a good value for your money; most are less expensive than you will find in the health food stores and the quality is superb. I highly recommend ProMedX to all my clients and friends."

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Steps for signing up to order ProMedX products wholesale:

It's easy. However, if you have questions, call Suzanne at 828-310-0161. If you prefer, she can order the products for you. They won't be wholesale, but they are still a great value!

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