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The Mind Center

The mind center is sometimes called the mental, head or thinking center. It is the center we most often connect with intelligence and understanding although all three centers have a unique intelligence. The reason we think of the mind as the location of intelligence is probably because it is the seat of our reasoning ability, our abstract thought processes, our memories, our dreams of the future, and our comprehension of symbols and language.

Another reason we equate the mind center with intelligence is that we live in a world that values logic and reason. If we use the heart or body center as our primary intelligence, we may have felt misunderstood or found school to be hard, since school usually values the mind to the exclusion of the other centers.

ajna chakra Nevertheless, the mind center is also the seat of our unconscious, and our unconscious is intimately connected to our health is body, heart, and mind. We know that mental attitude can influence our health and happiness. For example, studies show that people with a positive mental outlook have fewer heart attacks than people who are negative, and that learning something new and staying mentally active throughout life can stave off diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. Likewise, our physical and emotional health can produce such anxiety that we can become depressed, obsessive, or even prejudiced toward others.

What scientists are learning now is that our thoughts are more powerful than we ever imagined. Quantum physicists have discovered that the thoughts of an experimenter can influence the outcome of an experiment, causing some to say we create our own reality through our expectations. Psychologists have long recognized the lengths to which we will go to maintain our ego identity, and they have called this the "self-fulfilling prophecy". However, doing deep work with our belief systems and staying in the present moment can help us overcome limiting thought patterns and change them so that we better live according to our true potential.

Resources for the Mind Center

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The human brain and the mind center are incredible in their capacity to learn, to know, and ultimately to understand in a way that connects us to the Source of who we are. To help us develop our mind center, TLR offers the following:

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We offer workshops on the Enneagram and on other topics, including CEs for massage therapists. click the link above for more information.

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The Three Intelligence Centers

Human beings have three intelligences located in three energetic centers of the body. It is through the centers — body, heart, and mind — that we gather and impart information, and each person typically favors one center over the others.

Each of the centers is necessary for our survival. Each has a specific function but is also dependent on the others.

Being a balanced, whole person means that we must not overuse or underuse any of the centers. The integration and balancing of our centers leads us to be more fully present in our environment, more compassionate, and more mindful

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“A mind at peace, a mind focused on not harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the universe.”
~Dr. Wayne Dyer