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The Heart Center

The heart center is located in about the middle of our chests or a little lower — near our physical hearts and a little above the solar plexus in the center of the chest. The heart center is sometimes called the emotional or feeling center, which may better describe its function.

The heart center is necessary for our connection to others, to ourselves, and to the Divine. It is the seat of our emotional life and includes all our feelings and our creativity.

The more we develop our heart center, the more we are able to give and receive love unconditionally. We feel empathy and compassion without becoming codependent or threatened when the other person retains his/her autonomy. We seek to be of genuine service, and we stop looking for the emotional payoff.

The heart holds such feelings as loss and pain, too. These are emotions we try to understand. They are not bad (no feeling is bad)and may be necessary before real healing can occur. Nevertheless, we want to understand these less pleasant feelings and find ways to move through them.

anahata chakraThe old saying, "The heart has a mind of its own," is true. We know things emotionally, with our hearts, that just don't make sense logically. This intuitiveness has a different quality from the "gut" feelings of the body center. It helps us discern the motives of others and gives us insight about how others perceive us. We make adjustments according to this intuition.

As important as our intuition is for helping us feel safe in the world, we often long for something more. For many of us, this something we long for is the Source of all love or God. Finding our connection to God is often the necessary piece to finding our connection to others and ourselves. Our spiritual lives give us a center from which to observe, interact, and create.

Spending quiet time in reflection, contemplation, and meditation allows us to connect with a spiritual core that is at once totally transcendent and intimately immanent.

Ultimately, the heart center is more about being than doing, for it is from our still center that right action follows. Tapestry Life Resources hopes to help you find that center of being by helping you to take some time apart to commune with your higher power and your own heart.

Resources for the Heart Center

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Without compassion and empathy, our lives are self-centered and empty. Part of what it means to be human is to connect with the love that is inside us and with the Source of all love. To that end, we offer the following services:

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It seems odd to think the best way to connect to others is to come to know oneself, but the great teachers of the ages have all taught us that to love one another, we must first learn how to love ourselves.

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The Three Intelligence Centers

Human beings have three intelligences located in three energetic centers of the body. It is through the centers — body, heart, and mind — that we gather and impart information, and each person typically favors one center over the others.

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Each of the centers is necessary for our survival. Each has a specific function but is also dependent on the others.

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Being a balanced, whole person means that we must not overuse or underuse any of the centers. The integration and balancing of our centers leads us to be more fully present in our environment, more compassionate, and more mindful

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